Letter to Ami Magazine – “Truthful Cartoon”

To the Editor,

This past week’s cartoon in Sightings & Citings finally had a pro-Trump cartoon, in which the artist accurately depicted the constitutional powers given to the President. As confirmed in the article “Presidential Power to Declassify Information, Explained“ in the ultra-left-leaning New York Times dated August 14, 2022, the author writes “Can presidents declassify matters directly? Yes, because it is ultimately their constitutional authority.”

Therefore, had President Trump declassified any document during his term in office, it would in fact be declassified. And in theory, if he stood in front of the National Archives and stated “I hereby decree all documents declassified”, then as the Commander In Chief of the country, all documents which were classified as “top secret”, “secret” or “confidential” would be declassified. (This would not apply to “restricted data” material.)

Hopefully the readers of Ami Magazine will merit to see other cartoons and articles in this column that do not disparage people who are members of the Republican and Conservative parties.

The letter below appeared in issue #584 of Ami Magazine:

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